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We're passionate about discovering rare and unusual plants -

Keeping It Green Nursery evolved out of a deep passion for the natural world.  We are a family owned and run business that cares about community and environment, striving to leave a greener legacy for the next generation. Approaching the nursery, as not just a business, but a part of the bigger picture.

By supporting KIGN you are helping preserve

biodiversity of species and cultivars that could be lost.  When you purchase from our nursery you are taking home a piece of the nursery and gardens.  You also know who is growing and propagating the plants you love.

We only use organic fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides along with biodegradable cellulose packaging.

KIGN makes botanical field expeditions to explore wild habitats in an ongoing effort to understand and document the secrets of cultivation as well as to preserve wild plant genetics.  We cannot do it without you, our customers and friends who have become part of our community.

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