Akebia trifoliata DJHS4207 (Threeleaf Akebia)


Akebia trifoliata DJHS4207 (Threeleaf Akebia)

Family:  Lardizabalaceae
Zone: 6 - 10
Natural Range:  China, Japan
Soil:  Average to moist, humus rich, well drained
Light: Sun, part sun
Height: 25'
Bloom Time:  April to May
Attributes:  Deciduous or semi-evergreen climber.  Three shallowly lobed leaflets..  Dark purple flowers that hang down.  Sausage shaped edible fruit.
Notes:  Native of Japan and China, growing in rocky scrub landscapes to 11800m elevation.
Akebia trifoliata DJHS4207 (Threeleaf Akebia)


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