Anemone rivularis (Anemone)


Anemone rivularis  (Anemone)

Family:  RanunculaceaeZone: 6 - 8
Natural Range: China
Family:  Ranunculaceae
Soil:  Moist, humus rich, well drained
Light:  Part shade, sun
Height: 12"-24"
Bloom Time:  May to JulyPest Resistance:  Deer, Rabbit

Attributes:  Deciduous,  This species has tall, slender stems with white flowers and blue pollen.  Flowers open in succession and are held well above the foliage.  Clumping, non-running.

Notes:  A nice species that has been behaving in the garden since it doesn't run like some can do.

Anemone rivularis  (Anemone)


Anemone rivularis  (Anemone)