Arisaema kishidae (Jack-in-the-Pulpit)

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Arisaema kishidae  (Jack-in-the-Pulpit)

Family:  Araceae
Zone: 5 - 9
Natural Range: Japan
Soil:  Moist, humus rich, well drained
Light:  Part shade, shade
Height: 24"
Pest Resistance:  Deer, Rabbit
Bloom Time:  April to May

Attributes: Deciduous.  Pitcher-like brownish purple blooms.  Each tuber produces two sets of leaves with seven to nine lanceolate leaflets. 

Notes:  Native to the woodlands near Osaka, Japan.  Tubers ordered now will be shipped while dormant February through April.

Companion plants:  Podophyllum, Primula, Cyripedium, ferns, Calanthe, Disporum, Trillium, Asarum.
Arisaema kishidae  (Jack-in-the-Pulpit)