Impatiens puberula (Hardy Impatiens)

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Impatiens puberula  (Hardy Impatiens)

Zone: 7 - 9
Natural Range: Nepal
Soil:  Moist, humus rich
Light:  Shade, part sun
Attributes:  Deciduous, 2' tall and 3' wide.  Blooms are deep blue purple blooming late spring through fall.
Notes:  This rare jewel is my favorite yet.  They do best when mulched with leaves and pulled off late winter.  Once they get going they are a mass of non stop flwers.
Companion plants:  Epimedium, Rodgersia, ferns, Podophyllum, Disporum, Trillium, Paris, Smilacina, Actaea
Impatiens puberula  (Hardy Impatiens)


Impatiens puberula  (Hardy Impatiens)

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