Mahonia pumila AHCK 103 (Dwarf Barberry)

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Mahonia pumila AHCK 103 (Dwarf Barberry)

Zone: 7-9
Natural Range: PNW

Family:  Berberidaceae

Soil:  Moist-Dry, humus rich, Well drained
Light: part shade, sun
Height: 6"12"

Attributes: Evergreen suckering shrub.  Brilliant purple, red, blue green foliage when planted in at least half a days worth of sun.  Yellow flowers early summer, blue fruit in fall.

Notes:  I can't say enough about this small Mahonia species.  The color is better than any other of the native Mahonia species and each leaf is ringed with a light colored line.  I rarely see it any taller than 6" and forms a loose low clump of foliage.  It often grows in association with Arctostaphylos species.

Mahonia pumila AHCK 103 (Dwarf Barberry)