Polygonatum odoratum 'Carlisle' (Solomon's Seal)

Polygonatum odoratum  'Carlisle' (Solomon's Seal)

Zone: 6 - 8
Natural Range: China, Japan
Soil: moist, well drained
Light: part shade, shade

Attributes: Deciduous, Spring blooming, Two foot tall arching stalks, with pendulous, white and green flowers in pairs.  The foliage is alternate with wide white margin with gray tones.  Yellow and white fall foliage.

Notes:  One of the best new variegated Polygonatums around.  Wider than usual variegation and compact growth.  Named by Leo Blanchette 

Companion plants: Trillium, Cypripedium, Cardamine, Epimedium, Paris, Smilacina.

Polygonatum odoratum  'Carlisle' (Solomon's Seal)


Polygonatum odoratum  'Carlisle' (Solomon's Seal)

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