Trillium parviflorum (Wakerobin)

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Trillium parviflorum (Wakerobin)

Zone: 6 - 9
Natural Range: PNW; Washington, Oregon, Northern CA
Soil:  Moist - dry, humus rich, well drained
Light: Shade, part shade
Height: 12" - 18"

Attributes:  Deciduous.  Large mottled foliage.  Early spring blooming.  Sessile blooms that are white in color, or some times pink at the base.

Notes:  In the wild T. parviflorum grows on moist slopes in mixed forests, prairies, and can be found in grassy fields and along streams.  A very easy and robust species that adds early interest to the garden.  Similar to T. albidum but slightly smaller in stature.

Companion plants:  Erythronium, Lilium, Delphinium, Penstemon, Camassia, Fritillaria, Ferns

Trillium parviflorum (Wakerobin)


Trillium parviflorum (Wakerobin) Trillium parviflorum (Wakerobin)