Disanthus cercidifolius (Redbud Hazel)

Family:  Hamamelidaceae
Zone: 5 - 8
Natural Range: China, Japan
Soil: Average, humus rich, well drained Light: part shade
Height: 6' - 10'
Attributes: Deciduous. Brilliantly colored fall leaves that are shaped like a redbud.
Notes:  Picked as a Great Plant Picks in 2004.  One of the showiest fall colored shrub, yet is still infrequently encountered in gardens.  There is a fantastic specimen at the Rhododendron Species Foundation Garden in Federal Way Washington.  Plant in an area that is mostly shady with a few hours of direct sun. The fall display has colors ranging from green - blue - red - yellow.  When the leaves overlap you can get two tones, one color on the outside and another where they were touching.
Pot Size:  4" Band Pot

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