About Us

We're passionate about discovering rare and unusual plants -

Keeping It Green Nursery evolved out of a deep passion for the natural world. We are a family-owned and run business that cares about community and environment, striving to leave a greener legacy for the next generation. Approaching the nursery, as not just a business, but a part of the bigger picture.

Our Focus

Cultivating garden-worthy perennials from around the world and educating people about them. Hardy orchids and woodland perennials are our specialties. Hardy orchids, from the commonly available to the obscure - Bletilla, Cypripedium, Calanthe, Dactylorhiza and Epipactis, among others. Our favorite woodland perennials include species Iris, species Lilium, distinctive foliage plants such as Syneilesis, and Podophyllum, and much more.

We only use organic fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides along with biodegradable cellulose packaging.

We periodically open our specialty garden nursery to the public for retail during select time and attend several Northwest plant sales events.

Specialty Nursery - rare and unusual plants

Specialty Nursery History

Keeping It Green Nursery is located in Stanwood, Washington, and was established in 2004 by current owner and operator, Arlen Hill. Arlen's joy for hiking in the Pacific Northwest led to his avid interest in uncommon native plant species. Arlen continues to explore wild habitats in an ongoing effort to understand the secrets of cultivation, plant combinations and environmental factors that replicate nature in mixed-genus display gardens.

KIGN makes botanical field expeditions to explore wild habitats in an ongoing effort to understand and document the secrets of cultivation as well as to preserve wild plant genetics.

Nursery Green house

A Word About Plants

Uncommon plants may not necessarily be hard to grow, but they are often difficult to propagate. The reasons that some plants are rare can vary:

  • they may take years to grow from seed
  • the genus may be new to cultivation
  • they are not easily found in the wild
  • they go unnoticed or their potential is unrealized

Plants adapt and evolve over time as a result of exposure to environmental factors. They develop specific cultural needs in order to thrive. With an understanding of soil type, a plants relationship to water and sunlight, some thought and preparation, many plants can grow successfully in a garden.



By supporting KIGN you are helping preserve biodiversity of species and cultivars that could be lost. When you purchase from our nursery you are taking home a piece of the nursery and gardens. You also know who is growing and propagating the plants you love.

Arlen Hill ~ owner

Arlen and his son