Help preserve biodiversity of species and cultivars that could be lost -

At Keeping it Green Nursery, we’re passionate about preserving rare plants and supplying gardeners with cultivated plants.

Botanical Field Expeditions

To do so, we plan botanical field expeditions to explore wild habitats in an ongoing effort to understand and document the secrets of cultivation as well as to preserve wild plant genetics.  As you may already know, many plant habitats and species are under threat and have limited wild distribution. 

For this reason, expeditions are essential and urgent.  KIGN has made several botanical trips abroad to China, India and the Americas in pursuit of the study of plants for propagation.  KIGN has successfully introduced several new species into cultivation along with new genetics of already known plants. 

Pursuit and Propagation of Rare Plants

We cannot do it without you, our customers and friends who have become part of our community.  Your financial support helps fund expeditions.  If you would like to support our mission, we welcome your contributions.

Support the Discovery and Preservation of Rare Plants



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