Acer pensylvanicum (Northeastern Snakebark Maple, Whistlewood)

Zone: 5 - 9

Natural Range: Northeastern United States to Eastern Canada
Soil:  Moist to average humus rich, well drained
Light: Part shade to shade
Height: 15' - 25'
Bloom Time: April to May
Attributes:  Deciduous. Rounded but uneven crown.  Green and white snakebark.  Obovate, three-lobed leaves to 7" long.  New growth is pinkish bronze.  Bright yellow fall foliage.  Pendant racemes to 6" long in spring.  Winged samaras.
Notes:  Under-story maple native to moist rocky forests through the Appalachians to Georgia.  A perfect and attractive maple for a shady garden. 1 gallon size pots

Pot Size:  Small Band Pot