Acer miyabei ssp. miaotaiense (Miyabe Maple)


Acer miyabei ssp. miaotaiense (Miyabe Maple)

Family:  Sapindaceae
Zone:  4 - 9
Natural Range:  China; Shaanxi
Soil:  Average, moist well drained
Light:  Sun, part sun
Height:  15’ – 30’
Bloom Time:  March to April
Attracts:  Bees
Pest Resistance:  NA
Attributes:  Deciduous, small to medium rounded tree.  Five-lobed, palmate foliage to 5” long.  Leaves stay green into October then turn rich yellow as the temperatures drop.  Gray-brown bark.
Notes:  From Miaotaitze county, Shaanxi Province, China.


Pot size:  Medium Band Pot

Acer miyabei ssp. miaotaiense (Miyabe Maple)


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