Anemonopsis macrophylla 'Alba'


Anemonopsis macrophylla 'Alba'

Family:  Ranunculaceae
Zone: 5 - 8
Natural Range: Japan
Soil:  Moist, humus rich, well drained
Light:  Part shade
Attributes:  Deciduous, 2' tall.  Nodding white flowers that hover over the ferny foliage. Summer blooming.  Clumping

Notes:  Very rare white flower form.  Elegant and refined perennial for a lightly shady garden.  Looks like a cross between Anemone and Cimicifuga.

Companion plants:  Erythronium, Trillium, Epimedium, Podophyllum, Sanguinaria, Calanthe, Arisaema, Disporum
Anemonopsis macrophylla 'Alba'


Anemonopsis macrophylla 'Alba'

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