Cimicifuga japonica 'Cheju-Do' (Japanese Bugbane)

Family:  Ranunculaceae
Zone: 5 - 9
Natural Range: China, Japan, Korea
Soil: Average to moist, humus rich well drained
Light: Part sun
Height: 30"
Bloom Time: September
Pest Resistance:  Deer, Rabbit
Attributes: Deciduous, clumping, Glossy basal , large lobed foliage with white bottle-brush like flowers.
Notes: Smaller scale Cimicifuga for the lightly shaded garden.  This form was found on Cheju Island.
Companion plants:  Asarum, Trillium, Epimedium, Cypripedium, Podophyllum

Pot Size:  4" Band Pot