Coptis occidentalis (Idaho Goldthread, Western Golthread)

Family:  Ranunculaceae
Zone: 5 - 9
Natural Range:  Washington, Idaho
Soil:  Average to moist, humus rich
Light: Part shade
Height: 8"
Attributes:  Evergreen, glossy green foliage often turning purplish in the winter.  Unusual greenish yellow flowers in spring.  Slowly spreading rhizome.
Notes:  Some patience is needed however for these to fully settle in and show off there nature. Since they are slow to propagate they are only sporadically available.  We have found that a good hummus rich soil with lots of loose compost helps get these indispensable evergreen ground-covers off and growing.  Related to Beesia and Cimicifuga.

Pot Size:  4" Band Pot