Bletilla ochracea 'Imperial Dragon' (Chinese Ground Orchid)

Zone: 7 - 9
Natural Range: China, Vietnam
Soil:  Average, humus rich
Light:  Part shade, sun
Height:  12"- 24"
Bloom Time:  June to August
Attributes:  Deciduous, Large creamy yellow flowers with orange back to petals, red spotted and deep yellow throat.
Notes:  Bletilla ochracea are not as cold hardy as Bletilla striata but they offer an attractive alternative color to the usual pinks.  Usually flowers a bit later than Bletilla striata. Plant next to rocks or mixed in the sunny perennial border.  When mature and settled into its spot, a plant can bloom for months.  Bletillas can be grown in a pot if kept cool but not too cool and a bit on the dryer side during the winter.

Pot Size:  4" Band Pot, Bare Root