Corydalis curvifolora var. rosthornii 'Blue heron' (Blue Heron Fumewort)

Family:  Papaveraceae
Zone: 6 - 9
Natural Range: China; Sichuan
Soil:  Average to moist, humus rich
Light:  Part shade
Height:  8"
Bloom Time: May to October
Pest Resistance:  Deer, Rabbit
Attributes:  Semi-evergreen, clumping. Fragrant blue flowers spring through summer.  Dark blue-gray foliage.  Turns red-orange in more sun.
Notes:  Keep moist to retain the foliage, blooms sporadically all season.  Introduced by Dan Hinkley.  A reliable and hardier species for temperate gardens.  This species grows from a rhizome rather than a bulb.

Pot Size: Quart