Fritillaria affinis (Checker Lily)

Family:  Liliacea
Zone: 7 - 9
Natural Range: PNW; Washington, Oregon, California
Soil: moist, summer dry, well drained
Light: part shade, Sun
Height: 12" - 24" tall
Attributes: Deciduous. Blooms spring to early summer.  Dark brown - red and yellow, bell shaped blooms.  Whorled foliage that resembles Lilium.
Notes:  Not to be confused with the chocolate lily ( F. camschatcensis) or the European Checker Lily (F. meleagris).  Fritillaria affinis is sometimes listed as F. lanceolata. In the wild Fritillaria affinis grows in meadows and open woodlands.  Will not need supplemental water and should be allowed to go mostly dry in sumer. Plant in a rock garden,in a sunny perennial garden or woodland border.

Pot Size:  4" Pot