Hedychium densiflorum (Hardy Ginger)

Family: Zingiberaceae
Zone: 7 - 9
Natural Range: Himalayas, Bhutan, India and Nepal
Soil:  Moist, humus rich, well drained
Light: Sun, part shade
Height: 4'
Bloom Time:  June to September
Attracts:  Hummingbirds
Pest Resistance:  Deer, Rabbit
Attributes:  Deciduous, A short slender Hedychium with dense spikes of orange flowers and banana like foliage.
Notes:  One of the best Hedychiums for the temperate climate.  Plant in a moist location that gets sun, but is still a bit protected.  Very exotic and tropical looking.  Plants can increase quite quickly to form large clumps.  The rhizome is very shallow, often the top is at the surface, so mulch with straw or leaves for frost protection.
Pot Size:  4" Band Pot