Helwingia japonica DJHC405 (Helwingia)

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Helwingia japonica DJHC405 Female (Helwingia)

Family:  Helwingiaceae
Zone: 6 - 9
Natural Range:  China, Japan
Soil:  Average, humus rich
Light: Part shade, sun
Height: 4'
Bloom Time:  April to June
Attributes:  Deciduous. Small greenish flowers formed on the center of the leaf.  Dark buds.  Black fruit.  Rounded foliage.  Multi-stemmed shrub.  Separate male and female plants.
Notes:  A strange genus with flowers and fruit formed in the center of the leaf.

Helwingia japonica DJHC405 (Helwingia)


Helwingia japonica DJHC405 (Helwingia) Helwingia japonica DJHC405 (Helwingia)

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