Impatiens omeana (Hardy Impatiens, Mt. Omei Balsam)

Zone: 6 - 9
Natural Range: China; on Emei Shan in Sichuan province
Soil:  Moist, humus rich
Light:  Shade, part sun
Attributes:  Deciduous, 18" tall.  Leaves are dark green with silvery veins.  Blooms are creamy yellow and white in late summer through fall.
Notes:  Impatiens omeana is another exceptional plant discovered on the sacred Mount Emei Shan in China. This hardy tuberous, non seeding perennial Impatiens has dark green whorled foliage with silvery yellow veining. Impatiens omeana produces yellow tubular flowers late in the summer until frost.
Pot Size:  4" Band Pot