Lysichiton americanus (Skunk Cabbage, Swamp Lantern)

Family:  Araceae
Zone:  3 - 9
Natural Range:  Alaska south into Northern California
Soil:  Moist, wet
Light:  sun, part sun, shade
Height:  2' - 6'
Bloom Time:  February to May
Attracts:  NA
Pest Resistance:  Deer
Attributes:  Deciduous.  Bright yellow flowers late winter into spring.  Huge fleshy green leaves that add a tropical look to the garden.
Notes: Works well with Primula, Rodgersia, Petasites.  In the garden we have them planted in heavy soil that is seasonally saturated.  Cooler climates can get away with growing them in full sun but they look the best with some shade in summer.
Pot size:  Deep 2" Pot