Mahonia x media 'Charity' (Hybrid Oregon Grape)

Family: Berberidaceae

Zone: 6 - 9
Natural Range:  Hybrid
Soil:  Average, humus rich, drought tolerant
Light: Sun, part shade
Height:4' - 6'
Bloom Time:  January to March
Attracts:  Bees, Hummingbirds, Butterflies
Pest Resistance:  Deer
Attributes:  Evergreen, thick, green leaves.  Yellow flowers.  Blue fruit.
Notes: 'Charity' has longer and wider leaves than 'Winter Sun' and also start flowering later.  Anna's hummingbirds stick close for nectar when in flower.  Each of the media cultivars flower at slightly different times so it is beneficial to have some of each to keep the birds fed during the winter months.

Pot Size:  1 Gallon Pot

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