Petasites palmatus 'Golden Palms' (Golden Coltsfoot)

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Petasites palmatus 'Golden Palms'   (Golden Coltsfoot)

Zone: 6 - 9
Natural Range: PNW
Soil:  Moist - wet, humus rich
Light:  Part shade

Attributes:  Deciduous, 12” - 24" tall.  Strange frilly blooms late in the winter, often while there is still snow and frost.  New foliage emerges in the spring, and lasts until fall.

Notes:  This form has gold foliage.  Give them pleanty of room to grow.  They do well with lots of bright light, but shade them from the hotest part of the day.  They may wilt in a too hot of a spot but if their roots are keept moist they will bounce up once the day has cooled.

Companion plants:  Gunnera, Rodgersia, Hedychium, Darmera, Musa, Persicaria
Petasites palmatus 'Golden Palms' (Golden Coltsfoot)


Petasites palmatus 'Golden Palms' (Golden Coltsfoot)

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