Podophyllum 'Imperial Sunrise' (Hybrid Podophyllum)

Family:  Berberidaceae
Zone: 6 - 9
Natural Range: Hybrid; delavayi x versipelle
Soil:  Average to moist, humus rich
Light: Part shade, shade
Height: 18"
Bloom Time: April to June
Attracts:  NA
Pest Resistance:  Deer, Rabbit
Attributes: Deciduous.  New growth emerges chocolate colored, becoming mottled with olive green and cinnamon.  Sends up several flushes of new growth through the growing season.  Large red flowers held below the foliage in spring.  Often re-blooming in the fall.
Notes: Exclusive KIGN first offering of this good performing clone.  Puts up new growth several times during the season, unlike some varieties.  More compact and denser growth than either of the parents.

Pot Size:  4" Band Pot