Podophyllum difforme 'Starfish Strain' (Chinese Mayapple)

Family: Berberidaceae
Zone:6 - 9
Natural Range: China
Soil:  Average to moist, humus rich
Light: Part shade, shade
Height: 12"-18"
Bloom Time:  April to June
Pest Resistance: Deer, Rabbit
Attributes: Deciduous. Clumping.  Deciduous, evergreen above 20s F.  Blood red blooms in spring.  Dark brown and white mottled foliage.
Notes:  Excellent form with mottled foliage and good growth habit.  It has been a while since this strain has been available.  Plant with other Podophyllum for textural effect and contrast.  If planted on a mound or slight incline the flower show off best.  I have found for all Podophyllum that they grow best when planted in deep rich fertile soil with lots of organic material.  I use a good layer of fertile mulch with dark bark chips along with manure and compost.  P. difforme perform best when in dappled shade.

Pot Size:  1 Gallon Pot