Polygonatum prattii (Dwarf Solomon's Seal)

Polygonatum prattii (Dwarf Solomon's Seal)

Zone: 6 - 8
Natural Range: China; W Sichuan, NW Yunnan
Soil: moist, well drained
Light: part shade

Attributes: Deciduous.  8" tall and slowly spreading rhizome.  Opposite dark green whorled foliage.  Purple flowers in spring. Red fruit in summer.

Notes:  In the wild Polygonatum prattii grows in forest, thickets and grassy slopes.

Companion plants: Trillium, Calanthe, Cypripedium, Cardamine, Dodecatheon, Epimedium, Paris, Smilacina, Mahonia

Polygonatum prattii (Dwarf Solomon's Seal)


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