Rhododendron rex ZHNP069 (Species Rhododendron)

Family: Ericaceae
Zone:6 - 9
Natural Range:China;NE Yunnan,SW Sichuan
Soil:  Moist, humus rich, well drained
Light: Sun, part sun
Height: 8' in ten years.
Bloom Time:  May to June
Attributes: Evergreen. Large, thick green leaves with cinnamon colored indumentum.  Trusses of 15-24 tubular-campanulate rose, pink, white or creamy white flowers with or without spotting.
Notes:  One of the best and hardiest of the big leaf Rhododendrons.  Collected around 3500m on the unexplored Bailingshan in SW Sichuan province.  Known in the area as Leach mountain, we soon found ourselves being relentlessly ambushed by every size of forest leach imaginable.  The trek turned out to be the longest non stop hike yet, between the fatigue of the trek and freezing rain and wind.  The local guide lost the trail and took us down the other side hiking through the night, we got back to the village the next morning.

Pot Size: 1 Gallon Pot