Roscoea purpurea (Hardy Ginger)


Roscoea purpurea  (Hardy Ginger)

Family: Zingiberaceae

Zone: 5 - 9
Natural Range: Himalayas
Soil: Moist, humus rich
Light: Part shade, sun
Height: 12” – 18”
Bloom Time: July to August
Pest Resistance: Deer, Rabbit

Attributes: Deciduous, Clumping. Long blooming pink-purple orchid like flowers with thick fleshy corn like foliage. Flowers open in succession.

Notes: A little known very hardy Ginger that adapts well. In the wild Roscoea grows at high elevations in open forests, perennial meadows and among Rhodies

Companion plants:  Gunnera, Rodgersia, Hedychium, Darmera, Musa, Persicaria,

Roscoea purpurea  (Hardy Ginger)


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