Maianthemum tatsiense (Chinese False Solomon's Seal) syn. Smilacina

Family:  Asparagaceae
Zone: 5 - 9
Natural Range:China
Soil:  Moist, humus rich, well drained
Light: Part shade
Height: 1' - 2'
Bloom Time:  May to June
Attributes:  Deciduous, Large, robust rhizomes, arching stems with elliptic foliage, panicles of star shaped green flowers in spring.  Orange fruit in late summer, fall.
Notes:  Unusual and hard to find Smilacina for the lightly shaded garden.  This form has purple leaf tips and purple leaf bracts. Smilacina have recently been reclassified into Mainthemum.  These are incredibly slow from seed and we are offering young seedlings that will take a couple more years before flowering.

Pot Size:  4" Band Pot