Syneilesis palmata (Shredded Umbrella Plant)

Zone: 5 - 9
Natural Range: China, Japan
Soil:  Moist, humus rich
Light:  Part shade, shade
Attributes:  Deciduous, foliage is 24" tall bloom spikes are up to 7' tall.  Blooms in summer. Unusual umbells of upward facing pink, and white flowers.  Silver, pubescent new growth.  Mature foliage can be more than 1' across with deeply toothed, narrow foliage.  Broadly toothed segments. 
Notes:  This woodland composite is a must have for the foliage enthusiast.  In early spring the foliage emerges from the soil looking like Shaggy Mane Mushrooms.  One of three species of Syneilesis.  S. palmata over time will form a sizeable patch, creating an invaluable focal point in the shady garden.  I have found that S. palmata takes shade better than s. acontifolia but needs to keept cool and moist.  Syneilesis palmata is reported to adapt well to a moderately dry shaded garden.  One of my top five favorite foliage plants.  Rare but becoming increasingly popular with collectors.

Pot Size:  4" Band Pot