Nursery and Spring Catalog update 2020

Arlen Hill | 21 January, 2020

            Nursery and Spring Catalog update 2020

Keeping It Green Nursery will NOT be attending this years Northwest Flower and Garden Show February-March 2020.

The good news is you can still purchase our great plants online, plant sales and also at our retail nursery.  Check our calendar for openings and events. We appreciate all of our diehard and loyal customers who come and support us every year at the show.  Our nursery both could not have been a success without you!  We look forward to seeing all of you this spring season at the nursery.

Mail Order Catalog

We are working on updating our website for late winter and spring shipping. There are many new offerings, many of which are in short supply so don’t wait too long and hit the submit order button.  Keep checking back for additions to the catalog.  You can always place multiple orders, just make a note of the previous order on your new order and we will combine them to help reduce shipping costs.

Catalog Highlights

Actinidia are not just for eating.  They can be quite showy in flower and in foliage.  They do best when trellised or trained up a large tree since they can grow quite large once established.  Actinidia polygama has very fragrant flowers along with attractive silvery foliage that turns bright yellow in autumn.  The foliage is strangely desirable to cats with a similar effect as cat nip.  So don't plant anything to fragile below the foliage where cats will rub and roll.

Actinidia polygama  Actinidia polygama

Actinidia polygama

Actinidia tetramera var. maloides  Actinidia tetramera var. maloides

Actinidia tetramera var. maloides

What is happening at Keeping It Green Nursery

This past year was another busy time for us at the farm.  We installed three more large greenhouses for propagation.  We also have a new addition to the Hill family.   Our son Riley was born this past June.  It is amazing seeing all the subtle changes.  Melissa and I can’t wait to see how our very own hybrid exhibits his parental characteristics. We also added two new nursery cats to help out.  Melissa likes to jokingly remind me that I am not a cat person.  Yet we have four now and they are my palls.

All the best from

Arlen and Melissa and Keeping It Green Nursery