Nursery Update

Arlen Hill | 01 April, 2020

            Nursery Update

Hi Friends,

I can’t believe that is still quite cold out with a dusting of snow in the foothills and hail in the lowlands but early flowering plants are still progressing along and looking good.  Fortunately, as a farm with perishable plants we are considered an essential business so we are still going strong with mail order and we are continuing to add new plants to the site as we get a moment.

These unfortunate circumstances could not have been more poorly timed for gardeners.  Just when we all get geared up to go out to regional plant sales and shop all the best nurseries we are now practicing physical distancing.

We currently are only shipping plants mail order and are not allowing customers to pick up orders or to shop the retail nursery.  I am sorry but we will have to see how the season goes so nothing is set in stone yet.

Happy Gardening and Stay Safe

From all of us at Keeping It Green Nursery